Taiji, Qi Gong & Chinese Martial Arts

Wuji Tai Chi

The Wuji Taiji Academy is run by and was formed by Colin Stevens, who has trained on a regular basis with Malaysian Chinese Tai Chi Masters who have a direct lineage to Cheng Man-Ch’ing, the founder of our style of Tai Chi.

Colin Stevens teaches a comprehensive system of self defence, self awareness and self cultivation training.

Our syllabus includes the Cheng Man Ch’ing 37 Posture Form, the Chinese Broadsword (Dao), Chinese Straight Sword (Jian), San Shou fast hands forms, Two person push hands (Tui Shou), Chinese Staff forms, and a grading syllabus to instructor level by fully qualified instructors.

Based in Paignton, Devon we offer tai chi classes for both health and fitness, as well as martial arts training.

What is Tai Chi ?

Tai Chi (also written as taiji) has a variety of meanings to different people. In recent times people have started to learn the ‘Tai Chi form’ as an exercise purely for health benefits. The Tai Chi form that we study consists of a series of 37 postures and the process of moving from one posture to another. These processes involve transferring the bodyweight from one leg to the other in a dynamic, yet gentle flowing sequence, which has the following benefits:

  • Provides regulated cardiovascular exercise
  • Teaches correct posture, body alignment and balance
  • Increases strength in the legs and lower body
  • Increases flexibility and suppleness of the joints
  • Relaxes the physical tension stored in the shoulders and upper body
  • Releases mental tension

Tai Chi has been described as ‘moving meditation’ and ‘ swimming on dry land.’ Having practiced Tai Chi myself, I would also describe it as ‘an advanced user manual for your body,’ as just like a baby learning to walk you will discover new abilities from within.

Wuji Classes

Our Monday & Wednesday beginner classes are designed for people who are interested in learning Tai Chi solely for health benefits.

At the next level Tai Chi has is a highly effective internal martial art. Tai Chi Chuan (also written as taiji quan or taijiquan) means ‘Supreme Ultimate Fist.’ The principles used in Tai Chi have been adopted by many well known martial artists: Bruce Lee’s ‘one inch punch’ is a good example of Tai Chi ‘fa-jing’ (explosive energy). A Tai Chi martial artist will also learn to use the opponents energy to his advantage. Such skills are only mastered with years of training. In the short term, Tai Chi martial arts training will provide not only the health benefits outlined above, but also some practical training in self defence, a keen awareness of where your own personal space is and a good level of personal self confidence.

Our Wednesday Martial class is designed for people who are interested in learning Tai Chi for martial arts and weapons training.

On a higher level Tai Chi has its roots connected with Taoist and Chinese philosophy. While not everyone will be interested in these aspects, there are very many interesting books and articles to be discovered which may teach you to look at life in a different and more harmonious way. For some people Tai Chi is a regular form of de-stressing exercise and for others it is a journey of self cultivation.